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Mark Allen ADI - Grade A - Driving Instructor
Grade A - Driving Instructor - Mark Allen ADI
Maidenhead driving school


Manual Only driving lessons.

MRK1 has a 100% 1st time pass rate from 2006 start learning and find out why.

Highest award received from DSA.

Grade A driving instructor proof of Excellence.

Only 29% of driving instructors in the country have a high grade (A) 

Berkshires most successful driving school.

Mrk1 driving school maidenhead

The best way to contact me, would be via text FYI.

Mobile: 07 40 30 666 39


  • Manual car only 


Please give full details so I can help you correctly: 

Note: Text message me with your full details/ location and situation with

days and times possible.


I will not answer my mobile while giving a driving lesson.

I often finish late, this is why you might not be able to

get hold of me - thank you for your patience.

Best driving school maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

22-9-21 Tom Brackenridge, Congratulations.

1st Time Pass 1 driver fault. Excellent 

Google review comment: To follow ! Picture and review to follow  


Mrk1: Tremendous result Tom, well done you.




Best driving school maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

8-9-20  Laura, Congratulations.

1st Time Pass

Google review comment: To follow !!!!!!!!!


Mrk1: Tremendous result Laura well done you.




Best driving school maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

18-8-20  Sonia Akhtar, Congratulations.

1st Time Pass

I passed first time, I cannot believe it. This has been the happiest day of my life. Thank you Mark for helping me pass, all the credit goes to you for working so hard on me. You have been really patient with me especially because I have been really nervous with driving and you have built my confidence up in these lessons. I would recommend anyone to Mark he’s the most amazing instructor ever.


Mrk1: What a determined young Lady very impressed with your attitude if only more were like you. Amazing result so proud. All the best





Best driving school maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

5-8-20  Olly Kennedy, Congratulations.

1st Time Pass

Google review comment: 

Mark is an excellent instructor who puts great effort and focus into the lessons and as a result I was able to pass first time due to his teaching and expertises. Thank you!!


Mrk1: Awesome work Olly now go enjoy UNI all the best.




Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

5-3-20  Jane Broderick, Congratulations.

Google review comment: To follow !!!!!!!!!






Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

3-2-20  Sebastion Webster, Congratulations buddy.

Google review comment: 

Mark was a brilliant instructor who helped me pass first time. He had lots of patience, gave good advice and was very easy to learn from.

Highly recommend !


Mrk1: Delighted for you Seb well done.



Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

3-2-20  Oscar Sands, Congratulations buddy.

Google review comment:

Mark has been an incredible driving instructor with a calm, commited and very patient down to earth personality. for the whole of the 6 Months it took me to learn, and with me not being the best of listeners he's been extremely patient and able to adapt his teaching to best help me pass first try. No reason to look anywhere else, thank you very much.


Mrk1: First time pass, that's amazing well done Oscar pleasure working with you.



  • 3-2-20 Oliver Stares
  • 12-11-19 Dominic Jones

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

3-2-20  Oliver Stares, Congratulations buddy.

Google review comment:

Mark has been a fantastic instructor who was always eager help me to perfect my driving skills and not only ensure I passed my driving test but make sure I was safe on the road. Whenever I had an issue with driving he would always support me and help me to become better.
Thank you Mark!


Thank you Ollie, I'm delighted to help make your dreams come true. Epic team work, pleasure working with you top bloke! 

Congratulations buddy.






Driving lessons Maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

12-11-19 Domonic Jones, Congratulations mate.

Google review comment:

Mark is a great driving instructor who put in the effort to make sure I put in the effort and because of this I passed first time.


Your very welcome Dom, great team work always worked hard for me.

Best regards Mark



Driving lessons Maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

22-7-19 William Stevens, Congratulations mate.

Google review comment:

Mark has been a great instructor. Very friendly and he always make sure to point out any mistakes, no matter how small to ensure I'm doing the best I possibly can.


Thank you Will, it was great working with you congratulations again all the best.

Best regards Mark



Driving lessons Maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

18-7-19 Helena Robinson Congratulations

Google review comment:

Mark was an amazing instructor that was always very patient and calm. He helped me feel very confident on the road as a driver and thanks to him, I was able to pass first time.


Thank You Helena, it was amazing to work with you, and I have to say I was very impressed with your work ethic. Congratulations. Regards Mark

Best regards Mark



Driving lessons Maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

17-4-19 Damien Jones Congratulations mate. (No picture available)

Google review comment:

Flawless 1st time pass today with 0 Minors, attributed to flawless Instruction and test preparation.

Thank you Mark for your patience and support over the weeks to achieve this result. As we drove that final stretch towards the test centre today there was no doubt in my mind it was a pass because everything you had taught me had been applied. Highly recommended.


Pleasure in meeting you Damien the lessons were enjoyable and we had a laugh while learning top bloke.

Thanks for choosing me in helping you pass your test.

Best regards Mark




Driving lessons Maidenhead

Latest Pupils to Pass with Mrk1drivingschool

15-1-19 Oliver Whitton Congratulations mate.

Google review comment:

Oliver Whitton - Would recommend, great driving instructor  with a solid, committed attitude. 


Thank you for putting 100% effort into your driving lessons and being a hard worker you deserved to pass well done Oliver.

Thanks for choosing me in helping you pass your test.

Best regards Mark




Pass gallery slideshow

* Free theory test help for Mrk1 pupils.

Latest Pupil to Pass - 1st time passing made simple Well Done to everyone.


Jane Broderick from Cookham Passed 5/3/20 with 5 Minors.

Sebastain Webster from Maidenhead Passed 3/3/20 with 2 Minors.

Oscar Sands from Maidenhead Passed 2/3/20 with 5 Minors.

Oliver Stares from Maidenhead Passed 3/2/20 with 4 Minors.

Domonic Jones from Maidenhead Passed 12/11/19 with 5 Minors.

Sophia Forrester from Maidenhead Passed 29/7/19 with 5 Minors.

Will Stevens from Maidenhead Passed 22/7/19 with 4 Minors.

Helena Robinson from Maidenhead Passed 18/7/19 with 4 Minors.

Tilly Rankin from Maidenhead Passed 24/5/19 with 6 Minors.

Damien Jones from Burnham Passed 17/4/19 with an Amazing 0 Minors.

Michael Hall from Maidenhead Passed 8/4/19 with 3 Minors.

Alex Samber from Maidenhead Passed 3/4/19 with 4 Minors.

Oliver Whittle from Maidenhead Passed 15/1/19 with 8 Minors.

Lawerance Eaves from Maidenhead Passed 11/12/18 with 3 Minors.

Drew Longman from Maidenhead Passed 29/11/18 with 6 Minors.

Lucy Catchpole from Maidenhead Passed 27/11/18 with 6 Minors.

Lee Costello from Maidenhead Passed 29/10/18 with an Amazing 0 minors.

Jessica Irvin from Maidenhead Passed 11/9/18 with 9 minors.

Josh Evans from Maidenhead Passed 28/8/18 with 4 minors.

Rochelle Moss from Burnham Passed 3/8/18 with 5 minors.

Megan Simpson from Maidenhead Passed 18/7/18 with 3 minors.

Thiago B from Dedworth Passed 30/6/18 with 6 minors.

Flornecia  from Maidenhead Passed 27/6/18 with 3 minors.

Celina Clifford from Maidenhead Passed  29/5/18 with 6 minors.

Sam Brackenridge from Burnham Passed 15/5/18 with 4 minors

Amaar from Maidenhead Passed 7/3/18 with 1 Minor. Excellent.

Daniel Robinson from Cippenham Passed 17/1/18 with 6 minors.

Rosslyn Hague from Maidenhead Passed 7/11/17 with 3 minors.

Chris Greaves from Maidenhead Passed 6/11/17 with 6 minors.

Janai Mctaggart from Maidenhead Passed 16/10/17 with 6 minors. 

Jack. P from Maidenhead Passed 12/6/17 with 2 minors.

Wayne Owen from Maidenhead Passed 17/5/17 with 1 minor. Excellent.

(John) Baoli Z Huo from Maidenhead Passed 24/4/17 with 6 minors.

Tarun Puri from Maidenhead Passed 10/1/17 with 5 minors.

Alex Lawerance from Maidenhead Passed 10/1/17 with 2 minors.

Adeel Saleem from Maidenhead Passed 5/1/17 with 2 minors.

Laura Murphy from Holyport Passed 10/10/16 with 3 minors.

Michelle Bartrum from Maidenhead Passed 6/10/16 with an Amazing 0 Minors.

Rhianna Cross from Bourne End passed 2/9/16 with 1 minor. Excellent.

Katie Parry from Maidenhead Passed 10/8/16 with an Amazing 0 Minors. 

Liz Nugent from Maidenhead Passed 22/6/16 with 2 minors

Sammy' Samuel Isaacs-Johnson from Burnham Passed 21/4/16 with 4 minors

Jordan Mctaggart from Maidenhead Passed 8/4/16 with 3 minors

Stephen Goddard from Maidenhead Passed 2/2/16 with an Amazing 0 Minors. 

Calvin Frewing from Maidenhead Passed 26/1/16 with 3 minors

Sean Longman from Maidenhead Passed 9/12/15 with 2 minors

Lisa Quere from Maidenhead Passed 2/12/15 with 1 minor Excellent.

Sarah Nugent from Maidenhead Passed 28/7/15 with an Amazing 0 Minors. 

David Luke Branson from Burnham Passed 28/7/15 with only 2 minors

Elsa Desmond from Cookham Passed 17/7/15 with 4 minors

E A from Maidenhead Passed 20/4/15 with an 1 minor  Excellent.

James Simms from Maidenhead Passed 25/2/15 with 1 minor Excellent.

Reuben Phelan from Dorney Reach Passed 16/2/15 with 2 minors

Madeeha Raziq from Maidenhead Passed 6/1/15 with only 1 minor Excellent. 

Marc Anderson from Slough Passed 19/12/14 with 4 minors.

Max Agace from Maidenhead Passed 11/12/14 with 3 minors.

Alison from Maidenhead Passed 1/12/14 with only 1 minor Excellent.

Cillian Richards from Maidenhead Passed 19/11/14 with 2 minors.

'AJ' Alan Collins from Maidenhead Passed 10/10/14 with a super 4 minors.

Emma Fitt from Burnham Passed 9/9/14 with and amazing 1 minor Excellent.

Luke Allen from Maidenhead Passed 21/5/14 with 3 minors.

Martin Rowles from Maidenhead Passed 8/5/14 with 2 minors.

  • 24-5-19 TillyMatilda Rankin
  • 8-4-19 Michael Hall
  • 3-4-19 Alex Samber
  • 28-2-19 Idrees Saleem
  • 15-1-19 Oliver Whitton
  • 11-12-18 Lawerance Eaves
  • 29-11-18 Drew Longman
  • 27-11-18 Lucy Catchpole
  • 30-10-18 Lee Costello
  • 11-9-18 Jessica Irvin
  • 28-8-18 Josh Evans
  • 30-6-18 Thiago Baron
  • 27-6-18 Florencia Sesin
  • 3-8-18 Rochelle Moss
  • 18-7-18 Megan Simpson
  • 29-5-18 Celina Clifford
  • 15-5-18 Sam Brackenridge
  • 24-4-18 Annie Donaldson
  • 15-3-18 Charlie Evans
  • 7-3-18 Amaar Ali
  • 17-1-18Daniel Robinson
  • 7-11-17 Rosslyn Haigh
  • 6-11-17 Chris Greaves
  • 16-10-17 Janai Mctaggart
  • 12-6-17 Jack Peycke
  • 17-5-17 Wayne Owen
  • 10-1-17 Alex Lawerance
  • 6-1-17 Caroline Barry
  • 5-1-17 Adeel Saleem
  • 24-4-17 John Baoli Z Huo
  • 10-8-16Katie Parry
  • 22-6-16Liz Nugent
  • 21-4-16Samuel Isaacs-Johnson
  • 14-4-16Jamie Clarke
  • 8-4-16Jordan Mctaggart
  • 10-10-16 Laura Murphy
  • 2-2-16 stephen goddard
  • 26-1-16 calvin frewing
  • 9-12-15 sean longman
  • 2-12-15 lisa quere
  • 10-11-15 lisah nyasha
  • 19-8-15 reegan s
  • 28-7-15sarah nugent
  • 17-7-15elsaduncan
  • 20-4-15 emily agace
  • 15-4-15 john mccaw
  • 25-2-15 james simms
  • 16-2-15 reuben phelan
  • 6-1-15 madeeha razaq
  • 19-12-14 marc anderson
  • 11-12-14 max agace
  • 19-11-14cillian richards
  • 4-11-14mohammed a sakoor
  • 10-10-14 alan collins
  • 9-9-14 emma fitt
  • 28-7-14 oliver kohler
  • 14-7-14 kieran barry
  • 21-5-14 luke allen
  • 20-5-14 Jake Piper
  • 8-5-14 martin rowles
  • 6-3-14 Nathan S
  • 13-1-14 Andrea Tretheway
  • 18-10-13 Trudy Skipp
  • 14-10-13 Jack Cummings
  • 2-7-13 Hannah Straw
  • 1-7-13 Bethany Ratcliffe
  • 12-6-13 Nicole Gaston
  • 7-4-13 Tony Lane
  • 25-3-13 Hector Wong
  • 25-3-13 Jon Groom
  • 15-3-13 Andy Henserson
  • 15-2-13 Cherelle M
  • 12-2-13 Louis Gaughan
  • 28-1-13 Edd Westrop
  • 11-1-13 Victoria Scamble
  • 21-12-12 Harry Hoxley
  • 20-12-12 Matt Hufflett
  • 31-10-12 Alasdir Cross
  • 28-9-12 Edd del Vecchio
  • 18-6-12 Cameron Jacobson
  • 17-2-12 Peter Barry
  • 21-1-12 Inancia
  • 28-6-12 Peter Davis
  • 31-5-12 Edd Hamon
  • 30-5-12 Salma Ashraf
  • 24-5-12 James Kennedy
  • 22-5-12 Mark R Keegan
  • 21-5-12 Emma Jones
  • 14-5-12 Rosanne
  • 8-5-12 Michelle Derrett
  • 28-3-12 Nazeer Syed
  • 8-3-12 Umib
  • 29-12-11 Andy Mitchell
  • 21-11-11 Gina Longman
  • 17-11-11 Harveer Singh Mann
  • 26-10-11 Gary Clarke
  • 1-10-11 Sophie Williams
  • 18-1-11 Anna Leonova
  • 1-10-10 Dan Barraclough
  • 8-10-10 amymurphy
  • 7-9-10 Shamik
  • 17-8-10 zoe fitz costa
  • 5-8-10 tim jewitt
  • 21-7-10 zoe appleton
  • 9-5-10 kaan abdullah
  • 1-5-10 Lynden Berrio
  • 27-4-10 Sam Kelly
  • 22-3-10 Lee Mcivor
  • 15-2-10 Fleur Whitbread
  • 5-1-10 keith reynolds
  • 18-10-10 Anna Coulter
  • 8-11-10 Ross Williams
  • 16-12-10 Chris Palmer
  • 3-12-09 natasha cross
  • 2-12-09 Adam Hughes
  • 20-11-09 Jamie Neaves
  • 31-10-09 James Macleod
  • 27-10-09 Kaureen Adams
  • 15-10-09 Sofie Fexby
  • 10-8-09 Camilla Sardo
  • 1-8-09 Craig Mitchell
  • 4-8-09 Jermel George
  • 16-7-09 Jen Derrett
  • 18-6-09 mo
  • 26-10-09 Danielle Williams
  • 10-6-09 George
  • 4-6-09 liza
  • 23-4-09 Dan Coulson
  • gedc0026edit
  • 11-3-09 Lucy Squire
  • 4-3-09 Irene Low
  • 24-02-09 Naeem Fazai
  • 13-2-09 Iram Noor
  • 28-1-09 Grace Jones
  • 15-1-09 Arash Shokouhi
  • 15-12-08 Andi Ibrahimi
  • 29-11-08 chloe edmunds
  • 29-7-08 parmavjoyt singh sooch
  • 21-07-08 pradeep b menon
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    News: Mrk1 Driving School / Maidenhead

    Three 1st time Passes in April 2019 - 0 minors for Damien Jones

    New Record - Seven Passes in One Month - May 2012 see Pass Gallery for proof of excellence.

    Mrk1 driving school is where all other Berkshire Instructors come for ideas I won't mention names.

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