If you're serious about learning to drive. I want to hear from you now, join the winning team at    07 40 30 666 39

Prices for 2022

Mobile: 07 40 30 666 39 *Manual car only*

If texting / emailing please leave as much detail as possible, for me to help you. i.e location, experience, possible days and times for driving lesson.

 * First Lesson will be 2 hours no exceptions there is a huge amount of content to cover. A good instructor will make a stressful experience an enjoyable one, think about it *

Covid Safe Lessons:

*10 hour block save £10:00

*Pay on day lessons available 


*Two hour lessons, strongly recommended for the fastest progression possible. Also proves your commitment and attitude to learning to drive with me.

Standard driving test fee on the day: £90.00

Please Note:

No money, no lesson please respect that. I have bills to pay thank you.

Also if you cancel late notice a certain amount of times I will replace you. I'm sorry I will not have my time wasted thank you for understanding.

Driving lessons maidenhead
Maidenhead driving schools

Using a driving instructor to help you learn to drive.

What do you actually get? 

See Below. Thanks for reading.

What you think your

paying for.


  • Someone to teach you to pass the driving test.

What you actually get.


  • A fully qualified Driving Instructor  ADI.
  • A person who has spent hundreds of hours training to become a qualified driving instructor, over five thousand pounds and counting invested to date.
  • A regularly serviced car, fully maintained with quality parts.
  • Supply of a modern dual controlled, air-conditioned vehicle in which to learn.
  • A % of earning going towards a new tuition vehicle which is required every three years.
  • Travel to and from your location of choice.
  • Fuel to carry out your tuition.
  • Promotion and website costs.
  • Percentage that goes to income tax.
  • Insurance costs.
  • Telephone and internet bills contacting you to make sure you know when your lessons are.
  • Breakdown Cover.
  • MOT
  • Additional funds for extra training to ensure that you receive the best possible start to your driving career.


  • Not to mention
    The money required to pay for housing, bills and all other living expenses.


  • A driving license giving you the greatest earning potential possible for future job opportunities.
  • A better quality of life from obtaining a full driving license with my help.
  • Being trained to the highest standard that you should never have an accident that's your fault. That's right just like me with 22 years of driving experience.


  • Trained by a former DVLA senior driving examiner, learning all the tricks that catch driving test candidates out. Giving you the best opportunity in passing first time.
  • A driving instructor with 16 years experience of driving tests on his belt.
  • A instructor that will never shout or mock you for not getting it right first time. 


  • All I ask for is 100% effort, comittment and regular lessons for your success.


  • Your Very Welcome. Lets talk.....

So, do you still think that it's ok to cancel at short notice because you have work? Or do you think that we get paid regardless.

A driving instructor is self employed. When you cancel your driving lesson, we can't pay our bills.

You wouldn't expect a carpenter, plumber, hairdresser, music teacher, dance teacher, mechanic, dentist, optician, electrician, chef, dress maker or shop owner to work for free or accept payment for their services at a later date would you ?


Mrk1 is your best chance of passing 1st time but not just that, being taught in every aspect of driving will reduce the chance of you being involved in an accident. I have over 22 years of driving experience under my belt and have never been In an accident that say's something about the training I received when learning don't you think?

I had a two hour lesson once a week for 6 months which was the perfect amount as I was then an extremely nervous learner driver.

If you want to be a cheap skate and not take the correct amount of lessons for your ability then you'll find a heavy consequence for that mistake and you're not the exception belive me.



MRK1 Rewards Loyalty !

MRK1 has no hidden extras unlike some driving schools.

MRK1 Driving Instructors display their ADI Licences in the windscreen to prove they are Qualified Driving Instructors.

Here at MRK1 Driving School we try to keep our price of lessons competitive. We believe in giving Value for Money, we don't have High Overheads or Office Staff like some Schools of Motoring so we pass the savings back to You, not to Shareholders.

If you like the sound of how we do business,

Why not call now for a Friendly Chat and ask for Mark.

Unlike other driving schools we don't charge extra for weekend lessons, but never forget weekend lessons are in high demand and require one weeks notice generally.

Maidenhead driving schools